Application for DSKPDF


You should apply for Login ID and Password before uploading the actual application. For getting the Login Id, you should fill the simple form available below, where you have to enter some basic information about yourself and about your Degree. It is necessary that the name given by you should match the one on your Master's and Ph.D. degree certificates for obtaining the Login ID and Password. In case, there is a change in the name, applicant has to provide the separate affidavit for this purpose. After filling the basic form, you will receive an system generated e-mail for the email verification. Simply Click on the link given in your email, and your authenticated information will reach us


After verification of the information at our side, You will receive a mail containing a Login ID and Password at the E-mail address provided by you within 7 working days of your request.


You may upload your actual application form by using the above Login ID and Password. Please fill-in all the columns and attach the summary of your Ph.D. work, a summary of the proposed research work and a Mentor's CV in specified format limiting to 200 kb size individually. You may choose to attach a PDF or doc file for this purpose.



1. Request for Login & Password for filling the UGC-DSKPDF Online Application Form

2. Uploading the UGC-DSKPDF Online Application using received Login and Password