Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the eligibility criteria while applying for Dr. Kothari PDF Scheme of the UGC ?

2. What are the criteria to be a Mentor for Dr. Kothari PDF applicant?

3.Which workplaces are eligible to receive Dr. Kothari PDF Scheme of the UGC?

4. What is the joining procedure as DSK Postdoctoral Fellow at the proposed workplace?

5. What are the leave rules?

6. What is the procedure to send annual report after successful completion of each year?

7. What is the resignation procedure?

8. What is the procedure regarding transfer of fellowship to another workplace and/or Mentor?

9. What is the maximum period for joining after receiving the award letter?

10. Can I apply for DSKPDF under my Ph.D. Supervisor?

11. Can I reapply for Dr. Kothari PDF Scheme of the UGC?

12. How can I use my contingency grants?

13. Can I purchase equipment from my contingency grant?

14. Can I reapply for DSKPDF after rejection?

15. Can the researchers who are foreign nationals apply for DSKPDF ?

16. What do I do if, by an oversight, I have entered wrong/incomplete information in the Application Form?

17. What are the deadlines to apply for DSKPDF scheme?

18. How to repay the unspent contingency amount?

19. How to upload the research publications gained during DSKPDF tenure?

20. How to place a request before the UGC-Empowered committee?