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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
1Effect Of EDTA On Luminescence Property Of Eu3+ Doped YPO4 NanoparticlesA. K. Parchur, G. S. Okram, R. A. Singh, R. Tewari, L. Pradhan, R. K. Vatsa and R. S. NingthoujamAIP Conf. Proc. 13133912010
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3Luminescence properties of Eu3+ doped CaMoO4 nanoparticles A. K. Parchur, R. S. Ningthoujam, S. B. Rai, G. S. Okram, R. A. Singh, M. Tyagi, S. C. Gadkari and R. K. VatsaDalton Trans., 4075952011
4Observation of intermediate bands in Eu3+ doped YPO4 host: Li+ ion effect and blue to pink light emitterA. K. Parchur, A. I. Prasad, S. B. Rai, R. Tiwari, R. K. Sahu, G. S. Okram, R. A. Singh and R. S. NingthoujamAIP Adv.,2032119 2012
5Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants commonly used by Kani tribals in Tirunelveli hills of Western Ghats, IndiaM. Ayyanara, S. IgnacimuthuJournal of Ethnopharmacology134 851–8642011
6Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of leaf and callus extracts of Centella asiatica L.Arumugam T, Ayyanar M, Justin Koil Pillai Y & Sekar TBangladesh Journal of Pharmacology655 - 602011
7Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels. A review of its phytochemical constituents and traditional uses.Ayyanar M & Subash-BabuAsian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine2240-2462012
8Traditional uses of medicinal plants among the tribal people in Theni district (Western Ghats) southern India.Jeyaprakash K, Ayyanar M, Geetha KN & Sekar TAsian Pacific Journal of Tropical BiomedicineSuppl.1S20-S252011
9Plants used in ethnoveterinary medicine by Malayali tribals in Salem district of Tamil Nadu, India.Selvaraju A, Ayyanar M, Rathinakumar SS & Sekar T,Medicinal Plants, an International Journal3209-2152011
10Ethnomedicinal plants used by Kani tribals in Pechiparai forest of Western Ghats in Kanyakumari Dist, Tamil Nadu, India.Kumari Subitha T, Ayyanar M, Udayakumar M & Sekar Tnternational Research Journal of Plant Science12349-3542011
11The treatment of jaundice with medicinal plants in indigenous communities of the Sub-Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, India.J Sharma, Sumeet Gairola, RD Gaur, RM PainuliJournal of Ethnopharmacology143262-2912012
12Erratic Male Meiosis Resulting in 2 𝑛 Pollen Grain Formation in a 4x Cytotype ( 2 𝑛 = 2 8 ) of Ranunculus laetus Wall. ex RoylePuneet Kumar and Vijay Kumar SinghalThe Scientific World Journal201292012
13The Genus Stephania (Menispermaceae): Chemical and Pharmacological perspectivesI. D. K. Semwal, R. Badoni, R. Semwal, S. K. Kothiyal, G.J.P. Singh, U. RawatJournal of Ethnopharmacology132369-3832010
14Antibacterial activity of 8-(4’-methoxybenzyl)-xylopinine from Stephania glabra tubersD. K. Semwal, R. B. Semwal, R. SemwalPharmacologia3539-5412012
15Analgesic and antipyretic activities of gindarudine, a morphine alkaloid from Stephania glabra D. K. Semwal, R. B. Semwal, R. Semwal, V. Jacob, G.J.P. SinghCurrent Bioactive Compounds7214-2172011
16Dyeing properties of Berberis aristata DC with natural and synthetic mordantsR. B. Semwal, D. K. Semwal, P. KapoorTrends in Applied Sciences Research7392-3992012
17Impaired Male Meiosis due to Irregular Synapsis Coupled with Cytomixis in a New Diploid Cytotype of Dianthus angulatus (Caryophyllaceae) from Indian Cold DesertsPuneet Kumar, Vijay Kumar Singhal & Dalvir KaurFolia Geobotanica4759-682012
18Male meiosis, morphometric analysis and distribution pattern of 2× and 4× cytotypes of Ranunculus hirtellus Royle, 1834 (Ranunculaceae) from the cold regions of northwest Himalayas (India)Puneet Kumar and Vijay Kumar SinghalComparative Cytogenetics 5143-1612011
19Luminescence properties of Tb3+-doped CaMoO4 nanoparticles: annealing effect, polar medium dispersible, polymer film and core–shell formationA. K. Parchur, A. I. Prasad, A. A. Ansari, S. B. Rai and R. S. Ningthoujam Dalton Trans.,410110322012
20Preparation, microstructure and crystal structure studies of Li+ co-doped YPO4:Eu3+ A. K. Parchur and R. S. Ningthoujam RSC Adv.,2108542012