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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2041Research ArticleProline – A Key Regulator Conferring Plant Tolerance to Salinity and Drought. Plant Tolerance to Environmental Stress: Role of Exogenous Phytoprotectants’ to be published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press Chapter 5; pp:59-72(TNF_05_K43393_C005).Renu Khanna-Chopra, Vimal Kumar Semwal*, Nita Lakra*, and Ashwani PareekTaylor & Francis/CRC Press -59-72
2042Fermentative ethanol production from Madhuca indica flowers using immobilized yeast cells coupled with solar driven direct contact membrane distillation with commercial hydrophobic membranesRamesh Kumar, Alak Kumar Ghosh, Parimal PalEnergy Conversion and Management181593-6072019
2043A mathematical model for pest management in Jatropha curcas with integrated pesticides - An optimal control approachJahangir Chowdhury�, F Al Basir�, Y Takeuchi�, M Ghosh�, Priti Kumar RoyEcological ComplexityAccepted-2019
2044Quadrivalently Doped Hematite Thin Films for Solar Water SplittingJ. D. Desai, P. K. Baviskar, K. N. Hui and H. M. PathanES Energy & Environment221-302018
2045Development of alginate-gum acacia-Ag0 nanocomposites via green process for inactivation of foodborne bacteria and impact on shelf life of black grapes (Vitis vinifera)VIMALA KANIKIREDDYJOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE473311-92018
2047Onion juice assisted green reduction of graphene oxide with tunable structural and optical properties: Effect of onion juice concentration and reaction temperatureSumeet Kumar, Dipjyoti Bhorolua, Animesh K. Ojha, Ashok KumarAdvanced Materials Letters1058-662019
2048Self Assembly in Functionalized Butadiene Based PolyurethanesKonda Reddy Kunduru, Billa Narasimha Rao, and Tushar JanaMacromolecular Symposia38218000902018
2049Enzymatically hydrolysed sago bagasse improves physiological, biochemical and molecular attributes of Solanum lycopersicumSathiya Kumar, Karthik Chinnannan, Senthil Kumar Thamilarasan, Muhilvannan Seralathan, Rajasree Shanmuganathan, Indra Arulselvi PadikasanBiocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology17499–5062019
2050Assessment of groundwater potential zones in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, India using geospatial techniquesG.Kanagaraj, S. Suganthi, L. Elango, N. S. MageshEarth Science Informatics 111-132018
2051ZnO-NANOPARTICLES DECORATED ON CeO2 NANORODS: AN EFFICIENT CATALYST FOR CO OXIDATIONPerala Venkataswamy, Damma Devaiah, Deboshree Mukherjee, Muga Vithal, Benjaram M. ReddyCatalysis in Green Chemistry and Engineering1293-3062018
2052Chromium and fluoride contamination in groundwater around leather tanning industries in southern India: Implications from stable isotopic ratio d53Cr/d52Cr, geochemical and geostatistical modelling G.Kanagaraj, L.ElangoChemosphere220 943-9532018
2053Hydrogeochemical processes and influence of seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaG.Kanagaraj, L.Elango, S.G.D.Sridhar, G.GowrisankarEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research 258989–90112017
2054Albumin nanoparticles conjugates binding with glycan - A strategic approach for targeted drug deliveryNeha Kumari, V.L. Mathe, P.M. DongreInternational Journal of Biological Macromolecules12674-902018
2055Surface plasmon enhanced organic solar cells using thermally deposited Au nanoparticlesM. Bajpai, C K Pandey, R.Srivastava,R. Malik, G.P. Shukla, R. Dhar, A.K.Katiyar,B.NarayanAIP Conference proceedings20500200232018
2056Effect of n-type doping on the electron transport of polyfluoreneM. Bajpai, C K Pandey, R.Srivastava,R. Malik, G.P. Shukla, R. Dhar, A.K.Katiyar,B.NarayanAIP Conference proceedings20500200242018
2057Aqueous bark extract of Terminalia arjuna protects against cadmium-induced hepatic and cardiac injuries in male Wistar rats through antioxidative mechanismsBharati Bhattacharjee, Palash Kumar Pal, Arnab Kumar Ghosh, Sanatan Mishra, Aindrila Chattopadhyay, Debasish BandyopadhyayFood and Chemical Toxicology124249-2642019
2058Design of an Equilateral Triangular Patch Antenna by Using AgHT-8 with Overlapping Microstrip Feed Line for S-Band ApplicationPranjal Borah, Tulshi Bezboruah2018 18th Mediterranean Microwave Symposium (MMS)18379-3812018
2059In vitro and in silico inhibition properties of fucoidan against α-amylase and α-D-glucosidase with relevance to type 2 diabetes mellitusLakshmana Senthil, S., Chandrasekaran, R., Arjun, H. A., Anantharaman, P.Carbohydrate Polymers209350-3552019
2060NHC-Catalyzed Dual Stetter Reaction: A Mild Cascade Annulation for the Syntheses of Naphthoquinones, Isoflavanones, and Sugar-Based Chiral AnaloguesRajendra N. Mitra, Krishanu Show, Debabrata Barman, Satinath Sarkar, Dilip K. MaitiThe Journal of Organic Chemistry84422019