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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2061Facile synthesis of CuO nanowires and Cu2O nanospheres grown on rGO surface and exploiting its photocatalytic, antibacterial and supercapacitive propertiesSumeet Kumara , Animesh K. Ojha , Dipjyoti Bhorolua , Jayanta Das , Ashok Kumar , Anil HazarikaPhysica B: Condensed Matter55874-812019
2062Ratiometric chemodosimeter: an organicnanofiber platform for sensing lethal phosgene gasKalipada Maiti, Debasish Ghosh, Rituparna Maiti, Veena Vyas, Pallab Datta, Debabrata Mandal and Dilip K. MaitiJournal of Materials Chemistry A717562019
2063Pentagonal shaped ZnTiO3 ceramics for microwave dielectric applicationsB.Santhosh Kumar, M. Manikandan, T. Mukilraj, N. Praveen Shankar and C. VenkateswaranJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics305252018
2064On the interconnections between various analytic approaches in coupled first-order nonlinear differential equationsR.Mohanasubha,V.K.Chandrasekar,M.Senthilvelan,M.LakshmananCommunications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation62213-2282018
2065On the Symmetries of a Lienard Type Nonlinear Oscillator EquationR. Mohanasubha,V. K. Chandrasekar,M. Senthilvelan,M. LakshmananSymmetries, Differential Equations and Applications26675-1032018
2066In vitro and in silico inhibition properties of fucoidan against α-amylase and α-D-glucosidase with relevance to type 2 diabetes mellitusS. Lakshmana Senthil, Raghu Chandrasekaran, H.A. Arjun, P. AnantharamanCarbohydrate Polymers209350–3552019
2067First record of Coelastrella vacuolata (Chlorophyta: Scenedesmaceae) in Tuticorin coast, Gulf of Mannar S. Lakshmana senthil, C.P. Suja, P. Anantharaman, K. Kannan, S. Kathiresan Indian Journal of Geo-Marine SciencesIn pressIn press2019
2068Effect of active case finding on dengue control: Implications from a mathematical modelIndrajit Ghosh, Pankaj Kumar Tiwari, Joydev ChattopadhyayJournal of Theoretical Biology46450-622019
2069A simple SI-type model for HIV/AIDS with media and self-imposed psychological fearIndrajit Ghosh, Pankaj Kumar Tiwari, Sudip Samanta, Ibrahim M. Elmojtaba, Nasser Al-Salti, Joydev ChattopadhyayMathematical Biosciences306160-1692018
2070Structural significance of hypermodified nucleoside 5-carboxymethylaminomethyluridine (cmnm5U) from ‘wobble’ (34th) position of mitochondrial tRNAs: Molecular modeling and Markov state model studiesNavanath M. Kumbhar, Janhavi S. Gopal Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling8666-832019
2071Transcriptional Regulation of Osmotic Stress Tolerance in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)2. Wani SH, Tripathi P, Zaid A, Challa GS, Kumar A, Kumar V, Upadhyay J, Joshi R and Bhatt MPlant Molecular Biology97(6)469-4872018
2072Journal ArticleGokulakrishnan Subramanian, * Venkatraman Ravi, Ganugapati Sai Srivatsa Kumar, Nagalingam Ravi Sundaresan and Giridhar MadrasEnvironmental Science Water Research & Technology41152-1162 2018
2073Potentiation of hydrogen peroxide mediated water decontamination using thioglycolic acidGokulakrishnan Subramanian and Giridhar MadrasJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineering622002018
2074Study on enzyme inhibition in biodiesel synthesis: effect 3 of stepwise addition of methanol and removal of glycerolF Al Basir⁠, Priti Kumar RoyEnergy Ecology and EnvironmentIn Press-2019
2075Room temperature multiferroicity and magnetoelectric coupling in Na-deficient sodium bismuth titanate Jain Ruth D.E., Raja Altaf U Rahman,Sundarakannan B. ,Murugan Ramaswamy Applied Physics Letters1140629022019
2076Dynamics of plant mosaic disease propagation and the usefulness of roguing as an alternative biological controlN Rakshit, F Al Basir, A Banerjee, S RayEcological ComplexityIn Press-2019
2077Modified Graphene Oxide Based Zinc Composite: an Efficient Catalyst for N-formylation and Carbamate Formation Reactions Through CO2 FixationResmin Khatun, Surajit Biswas, Sarikul Islam, Imdadul Haque Biswas, Sk Riyajuddin, Kaushik Ghosh, and Sk Manirul IslamChemCatChem111303-13122019
2078Bifurcation delay in a network of locally coupled slow-fast systemsD. Premraj, K. Suresh, Tanmoy Banerjee, K. ThamilmaranPhysical Review E980222062018
2079Urinary volatile metabolomics as a viable alternative diagnostic tool for polycystic ovary syndrome: An exploratory hypothesisD Sankarganesh, U Suriyakalaa, R Ramachandran, Arunachalam S, S Achiraman, J Angayarkanni.Medical Hypotheses124121-1242019
2080Palaeoenvironmental significance of Benthic Foraminiferal faunal record from Chellanam beach sediment, West coast of IndiaM. Ravichandran and C.LakshumananJournal of Applied Science and ComputationsV6I1.453459.1500448278-286 2018