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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2081Identification and Analysis of OVATE Family Members from Genome of the Early Land Plants Provide Insights into Evolutionary History of OFP Family and FunctionMeenakshi Dangwal and Sandip DasJournal of Molecular Evolution86511–5302018
2082Steady Electrical MHD Mixed Convection Flow of Nanofluid Under the Influence of Exponentially Decreasing Freestream Velocity with the Effect of Heat Generation/AbsorptionG. Revathi, M. Revathy, M. Marudai and S. JayanthiJournal of Nanofluids81-82019
2083Pentagonal maps on the torus and the planeDipendu MaityBeitr Algebra Geom6017-372019
2084High temperature molten flux growth, structural and optical characteristics of KTiOPO4:Ho and KTiOPO4:Er single crystalsS. Sadhasivam, Rajesh Narayana PerumalJournal of crystal growth512152-1582019
2085Melatonin protects against cardiac damage induced by a combination of high fat diet and isoproterenol exacerbated oxidative stress in male Wistar ratsAuroma Ghosh , Gargi Bose, Tiyasa Dey, Palash Kumar Pal, Sanatan Mishra, Aindrila Chattopadhyay, Debasish BandyopadhyayMelatonin Research29-312019
2086Melatonin as an armament against non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) induced gastric injury: An overviewPalash Kumar Pal, Bharati Bhattacharjee, Aindrila Chattopadhyay, Debasish BandyopadhyayMelatonin Research2116-1382019
2087Enhancement of Photocatalytic Activity of Sodium Bismuth Titanate by Doping with Copper, Silver, and Tin IonsSreenu Kurra, Perala Venkataswamy, Gundeboina Ravi, Chandhiri Sudhakar Reddy, Boggu Jaganmohan Reddy, and Muga VithalZeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie645529–5362019
2088QTL mapping for nine drought-responsive agronomic traits in bread wheat under irrigated and rain-fed environmentsVijay Gahlaut, Vandana Jaiswal, Bhudeva S. Tyagi, Gyanendra Singh, Sindhu Sareen, Harindra S. Balyan, Pushpendra Kumar GuptaPLoS ONE12e01828572017
2089Simultaneous detection of different probe molecules using silver nanowires as SERS substratesC.R. Rekha, S. Sameera, V.U. Nayar, K.G. GopchandranSpectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy213150-1582019
2090Binding of ciprofloxacin to bovine serum albumin: Photophysical and thermodynamic aspectsBijan K. Paula, Nikhil Guchhait, Subhash Chandra BhattacharyaaJournal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, B: Biology172112017
2091Solubilization and interaction of cinnamic acid and its analogues with Pluronic® micellesSadafara A. Pillai, Vijay I. Patel, Debes Ray, Haridas Pal, Vinod K. Aswal, Pratap BahadurColloids and Surfaces A559314-3242018
2092Classification of the Riemann problem for compressible two-dimensional Euler system in non-ideal gasM. Zafar and V. D. SharmaNonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications43245-2612018
2093Production of High-Quality Biodiesel by Scenedesmus abundansMandotra, S. K., A. S. Ahluwalia, and P. W. RamtekeThe Role of Microalgae in Wastewater Treatment (Springer, Singapore)-189-1982019
2094Dynamics of plant mosaic disease propagation and the usefulness of roguing as an alternative biological controlNabyendu Rakshit, Fahad Al Basir, Arnab Banerjee, Santanu RayEcological Complexity3815-232019
2095Ionic liquid based Cu2S@ C catalyst for effective coupling of diaryl diselenide with aryl halides under ligand-free conditionsAvinash A Chaugule, Atul A Pawar, Ashif H Tamboli, Harshad A Bandal, Wook-Jin Chung, Hern KimChemical Engineering Journal351490-4972018
2096Exploring the Antivenom Kinetics and Dosage: A Mechanistic InvestigationSharmistha DhattJournal of Chemical Science and Engineering1312018
2097Hypericum perforatum (ethanolic extract) ameliorates simulated hypobaric hypoxia induced oxidative stress and neuronal damage in brains of Balb/c miceAmardeep Gautam, Rizwana Tabassum, Anju KatyalASIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES091-82018
2098Flame retardants: A material for present and futureSouvik PandeyEducation in Chemical Science and Technology653-592018
2099A novel triazole NMK-T-057 induces autophagic cell death in breast cancer cells by inhibiting γ-secretase-mediated activation of Notch-signalingDas A, Narayanam MK, Paul S, Mukherjee P, Ghosh S, Ghosh Dastidar D, Chakrabarty S, Ganguli A, Basu B, Pal M, Chatterji U, Banerjee SK, Karmakar P, Kumar D, Chakrabarti GJournal of Biological Chemistry002019
2100Theoretical and simulation study of ‘Comb’ electron beam and THz generationV. Joshi, U. Lehnert, J. Karmakar, N. Kumar, B. Karmakar, S. Tripathi, A. Aryshev, S. Ghosh, J. Urakawa, R.K. Bhandari, D. KanjilalNuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A913282019