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2221A novel tryptamine-appended rhodamine-based chemosensor for selective detection of Hg2+ present in aqueous medium and its biological applicationsSubhenjit Hazra, Chandan Bodhak, Sourav Chowdhury, Dwipanjan Sanyal, Subhro Mandal, Krishnananda Chattopadhyay and Animesh PramanikAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry4111143-11572019
2222Expeditious synthesis of diverse spiro fused quinoxaline derivatives using magnetically separable core–shell CoFe2O4@SiO2 ‐SO3H nanocatalyst under ultrasonicationSubhro Mandal, Subhenjit Hazra, Soumen Sarkar, Chandan Bodhak and Animesh PramanikApplied Organometallic Chemistry33e47022019
2223Synergy of biofuel production with waste remediation along with valueadded co-products recovery through microalgae cultivation: A review of membrane-integrated green approachRamesh Kumar, Alak Kumar Ghosh, Parimal PalScience of the Total Environment6981341692020
2224"Proteinaceous Trypsin Inhibitors from Plants in Disarming the Insect Pest"Jamal F, Singh S, Pandey PK, Singh RSpringer Nature -309-3312019
2225Fisetin a potential caloric restriction mimetic modulates ionic homeostasis in senescence induced and naturally aged ratsTripathi SS, Singh S, Garg G, Singh AK, Rizvi SIArch Physiol Biochem00002019
2226Record of “Near Threatened“ Crocodile Shark Pseudocarcharias kamoharai (Pseudocarchariidae) from Indian Exclusive Economic ZoneKaruppiah Kannan, Ethiraj Kannapiran and Narayanasamy Marimuthu PrabhuThalassas: An International Journal of Marine Sciences35525–5302019
2227NewGeographicalRecordoftheMorayEelGymnothoraxreticularis, Bloch, 1795 (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) with Taxonomic Status and Distribution from Southwest Coast of IndiaK. Kannan, E. Kannapiran and N. M. PrabhuThalassas: An International Journal of Marine Sciences 35567–571 2019
2228Impact of roguing and insecticide spraying on mosaic disease in Jatropha curcasFahad Al Basir, Priti Kumar Roy, Santanu Ray, Control and Cybernetics46--2018
2229Effect of Time Delay in Controlling Crop Pest Using Farming AwarenessFahad Al Basir, Ahmed M. Elaiw, Santanu Ray Int. J. Appl. Comput. Math5:110--2019
2230N-Methoxybenzamide: AVersatile Directing Group for Palladium-, Rhodium- and Ruthenium-Catalyzed C@H Bond ActivationsDnyaneshwar D. Subhedar, Ashish A. Mishra, and Bhalchandra M. BhanageAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis3614149-41952019
2231Core-shell Fe3O4@Au Nanocomposite as Dual-functional Optical Probe and Potential Removal System for Arsenic (III) from WaterSwagata Banerjee, N. Pavan Kumar, Adiraj Srinivas, Shibsekhar RoyJournal of Hazardous Materials375216-2232019
2232Corilagin in Cancer: A Critical Evaluation of Anticancer Activities and Molecular MechanismsGupta A, Singh AK, Kumar R, Ganguly R, Rana HK, Pandey PK, Sethi G, Bishaye A, Pandey AKMolecules2433992019
2233Human Milk Microbiota: Transferring the Antibiotic Resistome to InfantsLahari Das, Richa Virmani, Vishal Sharma, Deepti Rawat, Yogendra SinghIndian Journal of MicrobiologyNot assigned1 - 72019
2234Application of thermodynamic model to study the phase transition properties of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystalsShubha Singh, Shubham Mishra, Abhilasha Singh & Shri SinghPhase Transitions92816-8232019
2235Electrodeposition of highly porous ZnO nanostructures with hydrothermal amination for efficient photoelectrochemical activity3. Vidhika Sharma, Mohit Prasad, Perumal Ilaiyaraja, Chandran Sudakar, and Sandesh JadkarInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy4411459-114712019
2236Ag−Au‐Bimetal Incorporated ZnO‐Nanorods Photo‐Anodes for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Splitting of WaterVidhika Sharma, Mohit Prasad, Avinash Rokade, Perumal Ilaiyaraja, Chandran Sudakar, and Sandesh JadkarEnergy Technology7233-2392019
2237Solvothermal Growth of PbBi2Se4 Nano‐Flowers: A Material for Humidity Sensor and Photodetector ApplicationsRahul Aher, Ajinkya Bhorde, Shruthi Nair, Haribhau Borate, Subhash Pandharkar, Dhirsing Naik, Priti Vairale, Smita Karpe, Dattaray Late, Mohit Prasad, Sandesh Jadkarphysica status solidi (a) 19000651-92019
2238Polylactic acid: synthesis and biomedical applicationsM.S. Singhvi, S.S. Zinjarde, D.V. GokhaleJournal of Applied Microbiology doi: 10.1111/jam.14290 doi: 10.1111/j2019
2239A mathematical model for the effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on algal bloomsPankaj Kumar Tiwari, Sudip Samanta, Jocirei D. Ferreira, Arvind Kumar MisraInternational Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos29(10)19501292019
2240Cp*Co(III) catalyzed annulation of N-Cbz hydrazones for the redox-neutral synthesis of isoquinolines via C–H/N–N bond activationDnyaneshwar D. Subhedar, Dewal S. Deshmukh & Bhalchandra M. BhanageSynthetic Communications493121-31302019