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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2241Crystal Structure of Aura Virus Capsid Protease and Its Complex with Dioxane: New Insights into Capsid-Glycoprotein Molecular ContactsPreeti, Satya Tapas, Pravindra Kumar, Rentala Madhubala, Shailly TomarCrystal Structure of ODC from E. histolytica8533972013
2242Structural Insight into DFMO Resistant Ornithine Decarboxylase from Entamoeba histolytica: An Inkling to Adaptive EvolutionAditya Dev, Satya Tapas, Shivendra Pratap and Pravindra KumarCurrent Bioinformatics73742012
2243Structure and Function of Enzymes of Shikimate PathwayDebashree Saikia , Naba K. Bordoloi, Pronobesh Chattopadhyay, S. Choklingam, Siddhartha S. Ghosh, Ashis K. MukherjeeBiochimica et Biophysica Acta181831492012
2244Differential mode of attack on membrane phospholipids by an acidic phospholipase A2 (RVVA-PLA2-I) from Daboia russelli venomSmriti P.K. Mittal, Abhijeet P. Kulkarnia, Jinumary Mathai,Samit Chattopadhyay, Jayanta K. PalThe International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology541862014
2245Dose-dependent differential response of mammalian cells tocytoplasmic stress is mediated through the heme-regulatedeIF2 kinaseSougata Roy Chowdhury, Suman Sengupta, Subir Biswas, Tridib Kumar Sinha, Ramkrishna Sen, Ratan Kumar Basak, Basudam Adhikari, Arindam BhattacharyyaAntioxidant Biology of Bacterial FucoPol on Lung Cell Apoptosis92014
2246Bacterial Fucose-Rich Polysaccharide Stabilizes MAPKMediated Nrf2/Keap1 Signaling by Directly Scavenging Reactive Oxygen Species during Hydrogen Peroxide- Induced Apoptosis of Human Lung Fibroblast CellsSougata Roy Chowdhury, Suman Sengupta, Subir Biswas, Ramkrishna Sen, Tridib Kumar Sinha, Ratan Kumar Basak, Basudam Adhikari,1 and Arindam BhattacharyyaMOLECULAR CARCINOGENESIS5416362015
2247Low Fucose Containing Bacterial Polysaccharide Facilitate Mitochondria-Dependent ROS-Induced Apoptosis of Human Lung Epithelial Carcinoma via Controlled Regulation of MAPKs-Mediated Nrf2/Keap1 Homeostasis SignalingPREETI TRIPATHI, RANA PRATAP SINGH, YOGESH KUMAR SHARMA, and RUDRA DEO TRIPATHIEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry3415622015
2248ARSENITE STRESS VARIABLY STIMULATES PRO-OXIDANT ENZYMES, ANATOMICAL DEFORMITIES, PHOTOSYNTHETIC PIGMENT REDUCTION, AND ANTIOXIDANTS IN ARSENIC-TOLERANT AND SENSITIVE RICE SEEDLINGSHarsh Pawar, Santosh Renuse, Sweta N. Khobragade, Sandip Chavan, Gajanan Sathe, Praveen Kumar, Kiran N. Mahale, Kalpita Gore, Aditi Kulkarni, Tanwi Dixit, Rajesh Raju, T. S. Keshava Prasad, H. C. Harsha, Milind S. Patole, and Akhilesh PandeyOMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology1882014
2249Neglected Tropical Diseases and Omics Science: Proteogenomics Analysis of the Promastigote Stage of Leishmania major ParasiteManoj Trivedi, R. Nagarajan, Abhinav Kumar, Nigam P. Rath, Pedro ValergaInorganica Chimica Acta3765492011
2250Synthesis, characterization, crystal structures and photophysical properties of copper(I) complexes containing 1,10-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene (B-dppf) in doubly-bridged modeManoj Trivedi, R. Nagarajan, Abhinav Kumar, Narendra K. Singh, Nigam P. RathJournal of Molecular Structure994292011
2251Synthesis, structure, catalytic and calculated non-linear optical properties of cis- and trans-, mer-chlorobis(triphenyl phosphine/triphenyl arsine)-dipicolinato rutheniumIII complexesManoj Trivedi, R. Nagarajan, Abhinav Kumar, Kieran C. Molloy, Gabriele Kociok-Köhn, Anna L. SudlowInorganic Chemistry Communications149202011
2252A combined experimental and computational investigation on Tetrakis-μ-acetato-bis (acetamido)dicopper(II) and its application as a single source precursor for copper oxideGoverdhan Mehta , Y. C. Sunil Kumar, Tabrez Babu KhanTetrahedron Letters5151122010
2253Total syntheses of the fungal metabolites (±)-acremines A, B and IGoverdhan Mehta, Tabrez Babu Khan, Y. C. Sunil KumarTetrahedron Letters5151162010
2254Total synthesis of the fungal metabolite (±)-acremine G: acceleration of a biomimetic Diels–Alder reaction on silica gelGoverdhan Mehta, Tabrez Babu KhanTetrahedron Letters5165902010
2255A biomimetic total synthesis of allomicrophyllone: protective Diels–Alder reaction as a stratagemGoverdhan Mehta , Tabrez Babu KhanTetrahedron Letters5345582012
2256Model studies toward a synthesis of asperaculin A: exploration of iterative intramolecular Pauson–Khand reaction based strategies to access the dioxa[]fenestrane frameworkNimmanapalli P. Reddy a, T. Chandramohan Reddy a, Polamarasetty Aparoy a, Chandrani Achari a, P. Ramu Sridhar b, Pallu ReddannaEuropean Journal of Medicinal Chemistry473512012
2257Structure based drug design, synthesis and evaluation of 4-(benzyloxy)-1-phenylbut-2-yn-1-ol derivatives as 5-lipoxygenase inhibitorsNimmanapalli P. Reddy , Polamarasetty Aparoy , T. Chandra Mohan Reddy , Chandrani Achari , P. Ramu Sridhar , Pallu ReddannaBioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry1858072010
2258Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of prenylated chalcones as 5-LOX inhibitorsJasaswini Tripathya, Ashok M. RaichurColloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces1014872013
2259Designing carboxymethyl cellulose based layer-by-layer capsules as a carrier for protein deliveryJasaswini Tripathy,1 Ashok M. RaichurJournal of Applied Polymer Science16092013
2260LbL-Coated Microcapsules as Systems for Encapsulation of Optical Brightening AgentSudarshan Mahapatra, Tejender S. Thakur, Sumy Joseph, Sunil Varughese, and Gautam R. Desiraju1031912010