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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2521Comparative investigation of bio-beneficiation of Kasnau-Matasukh lignite using native microorganismsAniruddha Kumar , Pramod K Rajak , Asha Lata Singh , Rajesh Kumar , K N Singh & Prakash K SinghInternational Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization--2020
2522Glycine-assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of Pure and Europium Doped CeO2 Nanoparticles and their Structural, Optical, Photoluminescence, Photocatalytic and Antibacterial PropertiesS Gnanam, J Gajendiran, J Ramana Ramya, K Ramachandran, S Gokul RajChemical Physics Letters7631382172021
2523Enhanced Microporous Structure of Gamma Irradiated Agarose-Gelatin-HAp flexible films for IR window and microelectronic applicationsJ Ramana Ramya, K Thanigai Arul, K Asokan, R IlangovanMaterials Today Communications241012152020
2524The effect of calcinations temperature on the structural, morphological, optical behaviour, hemocompatibility and antibacterial activity of nanocrystalline Co3O4 powdersJ Gajendiran, N Sivakumar, C Parthasaradhi Reddy, J Ramana RamyaCeramics International465469-54762020
2525Structural, optical and photocatalytic properties of ZnS spherical/flake nanostructures by sugar-assisted hydrothermal processJ Gajendiran, S Gnanam, V Vijaya Kumar, K Ramachandran, J Ramana Ramya, S Gokulraj, N SivakumarChemical Physics Letters7541376392020
2526All-in-one NMR spectroscopy of small organic molecules: complete chemical shift assignment from a single NMR experimentVeera Mohana Rao Kakita and Ramakrishna V. HosurRSC Advances1021174-211792020
2527A comparative study of naturally and synthetically derived bioceramics for biomedical applicationsM. Mathina, E. Shinyjoy, L. Kavitha, P. Manoravi, D. Gopi Materials Today: Proceedings263600–36032020
2528An epidemiological survey in cancer hospital setup of Eastern Uttar Pradesh Region, India: A cross sectional study A. Ojha, S. Shekhar and S. K. MishraHuman Biology Review9(2)166-1822020
2529Extended Prelle–Singer procedure and Darboux polynomial method: An unknown interconnectionM. Manoranjani, R. Mohanasubha, V.K. Chandrasekar, M. SenthilvelanInternational Journal of Non-linear Mechanics1181032842020
2530Importance of benthic-pelagic coupling in food-web interactions of Kakinada Bay, IndiaS Sinha, Arnab Banerjee, N Rakshit, AV Raman, P Bhadury, S RayEcological Informatics611-142021
2531Visible light assisted chemical fixation of atmospheric CO2 into cyclic Carbonates using covalent organic framework as a potential photocatalystAnjan Das, Ranjan Kumar Mondal, Pekham Chakrabortty, Sk. Riyajuddin, Arpita Hazra Chowdhury, Swarbhanu Ghosh, Aslam Khan, Kaushik Ghosh, Sk. Manirul IslamMolecular Catalysis4991112532021
2532Tuning of surface characteristics of composite (WO3/BiVO4) zinc phosphate coatings for industrial applicationsArunima SR, Deepa MJ, Elias L, Aju Thara TR, Geethanjali CV, Shibli SMAApplied Surface Science5431488222021
2533Role of Trace Elements in Breast Cancer and Their Characterization Using X-Ray Fluorescence TechniquesHarpreet Singh Kainth, Deeksha Khandelwal, Ranjit Singh, Gurjeet Singh and Sanjiv PuriIntech Open (Book Chapter)------2020
2534Chemical effect on Lγ4 and Lγ5 X-ray lines in Thallium complexesHarpreet Singh Kainth, Amardeep Bharti, Deeksha Khandelwal, TejbirSingh, SanjivPuriRadiation Physics and Chemistry1761090882020
2535Length‐weight relationships of three Clupeiformes species from the Southeast coast of India, Bay of Bengal, Eastern Indian OceanKannan K, Kannapiran E, Kodeeswaran P , Kumar R, Madhuri K, Divya D. Journal of Applied Ichthyology36860-8622020
2536Recent Benthic Foraminifera and their Classification, Taxonomy and Systematic descriptions from Beach Sediments of Kerala Coast, IndiaM. Ravichandran and C. LakshumananDisaster AdvancesVol.14 (1 ) January 202126-362021
2537Application of quercetin flavonoid based hybrid nanocomposites: A reviewBiswajit Parhi, Debasrita Bharatiya, Sarat K SwainSaudi Pharmaceutical Journal281719-17322020
2538New cutoff and resonance for dust acoustic waves in dusty mesosphereGadadhar Banerjee, Sarit Maitra and Chitrita DasguptaPhysics of Plasmas280121012021
2539Magnetotransport study in type-II Weyl semimetal TaIrTe4P. Kumar, V. Nagpal, A. Bhardwaj, Sudesh, and S. PatnaikAIP Conference Proceedings22650304242020
2540Superconducting properties of misfit layered ferecrystals (SnSe)1.16(NbSe2)K. S. Jat, A. D. Sagar, A. Bhardwaj, and S. PatnaikAIP Conference Proceedings22650305822020