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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2561Comparative transcriptome analysis of wing discs from Bombyx mori and Bombyx mandarinaFeng Y, Kumar D, Hu X, Zhang Y et al.Journal of Asia Pacific Entomology23227-2352020
2562A new genus and species of fish parasitic cymothoid isopod (Crustacea) from Indian waters, with a key to the branchial-attaching cymothoid generaPanakkool Thamban Aneesh, Kerry A. Hadfield, Nico J. Smit, Appukuttannair Biju KumarMarine Biology Research171-212020
2563Mapping of Solvent Mediated Molecular Self-Assembly of Fe(III) Discrete Compounds: Exploring their Magnetic Behaviour and Phosphatase Like ActivityTania Chowdhury, Amit Adhikary, Manasi Roy, Ennio Zangrando, Debabrata Samanta, and Debasis DasCrystal Growth & Design20(2)12542020
2564Zn-BTC MOF as an Adsorbent for Iodine Uptake and Organic Dye DegradationAbani Sarkar, Amit Adhikary,* Arnab Mandal, Tonmoy Chakraborty, and Debasis Das*Crystal Growth & Design20(12)78332020
2565Naked Eye Cd2+ Ion Detection and Reversible Iodine Uptake by a Three-Dimensional Pillared-Layered Zn-MOFArnab Mandal, Amit Adhikary,* Abani Sarkar, and Debasis Das*Inorganic Chemistry59 (23)17758 2020
2566Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Ferrimagnetically and Antiferromagnetically Coupled MII −MnII (M = Cu, Ni) Heterometallic Schiff Base Compounds with a Dicyanamide Spacer and Study of Biomimetic Catalytic ActivityTonmoy Chakraborty, Abani Sarkar, Amit Adhikary, Neha Chakiroy, and Debasis DasCrystal Growth & Design1973362019
2567N, S codoped activated mesoporous carbon derived from the Datura metel seed pod as active electrodes for supercapacitorsF. Regan Maria Sundar Raj, G. Boopathi, N. Victor Jaya, D. Kalpana, A. PanduranganElsevier-Diamond & Related Materials1021076872020
2568Ultra-small pyomelanin nanogranules abiotically derived from bacteria-secreted homogentisic acid show potential applications in inflammation and cancerNarayanan S, Kurian N, Bhat SGBioNanoScience10191-2032020
2569Dark soliton steering in PT -symmetric couplers with third-order and intermodal dispersionsDipti Kanika Mahato, A. Govindarajan, and Amarendra K. SarmaJournal of the Optical Society of America B3734432020
2570Dispersion managed generation of Peregrine solitons and Kuznetsov-Ma breather in an optical fiberDipti Kanika Mahato, A. Govindarajan, M. Lakshmanan and Amarendra K SarmaPhysics Letters A3921271342021
2571N-channel comb filtering and lasing in PT -symmetric superstructuresS. Vignesh Raja,A. Govindarajan, A. Mahalingam, and M. LakshmananPhysical Review A1030135032021
2572Modulational instability in a non-Kerr photonic Lieb lattice with metamaterialsA. K. Shafeeque Ali, Andrei I. Maimistov, K. Porsezian, A. Govindarajan, and M. LakshmananPhysical Review A1030135172021
2573Geochemical studies of monazites from coastal sands of Kandivalasa–Dibbalapalem coast, Andhra Pradesh. P. Ganapati Rao, K. Bangaku Naidu, K. S. N. Reddy, CH. Ravi Sekhar, and K. N. Murali KrishnaJournal of Earth System Science 1431-172020
2574Geochemical and Industrial Suitability of Garnets from Bhimunipatnam to Konada Coastal Sands, Andhra Pradesh, East Coast of IndiaK. Bangaku Naidu, M. Anji Reddy, K. S. N. Reddy International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology 11(2)1-122020
2575Interaction, Dynamics and Stability Analysis of Some Minor Groove Binders with B-DNA Dodecamer 5’ (CGCAAATTTGCG)-3’Anwesh Pandey, Anurag Upadhyaya, Suresh Kumar*, Anil Kumar Yadav*Drug Designing: Open Access101-92020
2576Abatement of arsenic-induced phytotoxic effects in rice seedlings by an arsenic-resistant Pantoea dispersa strainAntara Ghosh, Krishnendu Pramanik, Shatabda Bhattacharya, Sayanta Mondal, Sudip Kumar Ghosh, Pallab Kumar Ghosh, and Tushar Kanti MaitiEnvironmental Science and Pollution ResearchNot assisgnedNot assigned2021
2577Towards H2O catalyzed N2-fixation over TiO2 doped Run clusters (n = 5, 6): a mechanistic and kinetic approachSourav Ghoshal, Anup Pramanik and Pranab Sarkar*Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics231527-1538 2021
2578Sensitive detection of auric and sulphide ions using hybrid silver/ nitrogen-doped carbon nanoparticlesSangeeta Tantubay, Himani Kalita, Amita PathakSensors & Actuators: B. Chemical3301292762021
2579Sensitive detection of auric and sulphide ions using hybrid silver/nitrogen-doped carbon nanoparticlesSangeeta Tantubay, Himani Kalita, Amita PathakSensors & Actuators: B. Chemical3301292762021
2580Contrasting Carboannulation Involving δ-Acetoxy Allenoate as a Four-Carbon Synthon Using DABCO and DMAP: Access to Spiro-carbocyclic and m-Teraryl ScaffoldsKumar, A.S.; Chauhan, S.; and Kumara Swamy, K. COrganic Letters231123-11292021