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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2621Interpretation of Adsorption Behavior of Carboxymethyl Cellulose onto Functionalized Accurel Polymeric SurfaceKaman Singh, Ashok Kumar, Sarvesh Kumar Pandey, Shikha Awasthi, Satya Prakash Gupta, and Prashant MishraInd. Eng. Chem. Res.5919102-191162020
2622Modulational instability in a non-Kerr photonic Lieb lattice with metamaterialsA. K. Shafeeque Ali , Andrei I. Maimistov , K. Porsezian, A. Govindarajan and M. LakshmananPhysical Review A 1030135172021
2623Spatiotemporal variability of optical properties of aerosols over the Indo-Gangetic Plain during 2011–2015P Kumar, S Kapur, A Choudhary and A K SinghIndian Journal of Physicsxx1-132021
2624QbD-steered development of mixed nanomicelles of galantamine: Demonstration of enhanced brain uptake, prolonged systemic retention and improved biopharmaceutical attributesLohan S, Saini S, Beg S, Dhull DK, Kumar A, Swami R, Raza K, Singh BInternational Journal of Pharmaceutics6001204822021
2625Investigations on Cu induced couple-decoupled magneto-structural transition in MnCoGe alloysU Devarajan and Sunil NairMaterials Research Express61061172019
2626Enzyme nanoparticles and their biosensing applications: A reviewNeelam, Anil Kumar Chhillar, Jogender Singh RanaAnalytical Biochemistry5811-182019
2627Solvability of Solid Tumor Invasion ModelV. N. Deiva Mani, S. Marshal Anthoni, and N. NyamoradiResults in Mathematics76Online First2021
2628Existence of solutions of cancer invasion parabolic system with integrable dataL. Shangerganesh · V. N. Deiva Mani · S. KarthikeyanAfrika Matematika311359–13782020
2629The remarkable role of emulsifier and chitosan, dextran and PEG as capping agents in the enhanced delivery of curcumin by nanoparticles in breast cancer cellsMalathi Sampath a,c , Arunkumar Pichaimani b , Premkumar Kumpati b , Balasubramanian Sengottuvelan a, ⁎International Journal of Biological Macromolecules162748-7612020
2630Enhanced antibacterial activity and wound healing by a novel collagen blended ZnO nanoparticles embedded niosome nanocomposites S. Malathi a , P. Balashanmugam b , T. Devasena b,** , S. Narayana Kalkura a,* Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology631-102021
2631Heat transfer and entropy generation analysis of non-Newtonian fluid flow through vertical microchannel with convective boundary conditionM. Madhu, N. S. Shashikumar, B. Mahanthesh, B. J. Gireesha, N. KishanApplied Mathematics and Mechanics401285–13002019
2632Performance of second law in Carreau fluid flow by an inclined microchannel with radiative heated convective conditionMacha Madhu, B. Mahanthesh, N.S. Shashikumar, S.A. Shehzad, S.U. Khan, B.J. GireeshaInternational Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer1171047612020
2633Entropy generation and heat transport analysis of Casson fluid flow with viscous and Joule heating in an inclined porous microchannelBJ Gireesha, CT Srinivasa, NS Shashikumar, Madhu Macha , JK Singh and B MahantheshJournal of Process Mechanical Engineering2331173–11842019
2634Second law analysis of MHD third-grade fluid flow through the microchannelMacha Madhu, N S Shashikumar, B J Gireesha and Naikoti KishanPramana95 2021
2635Thermal and entropy generation of non‑Newtonian magneto‑Carreau fluid flow in microchannelS. A. Shehzad, Macha Madhu, N. S. Shashikumar, B. J. Gireesha, B. MahantheshJournal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry1432717–27272020
2636Finite element analysis of micropolar nanofluid flow through an inclined microchannel with thermal radiationN.S. Shashikumar, Madhu Macha, B.J. Gireesha, Naikoti KishanMultidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures161521-15382020
2637Thermal analysis of MHD Powell–Eyring fluid flow through a vertical microchannelMacha Madhu, Shashikumar N.S, B.J. Gireesha, Naikoti KishanInternational Journal of Ambient Energy 2021
2638Corona Virus (COVID-19) Symptoms Prevention and Treatment: A Short ReviewSingh R, Sarsaiya S, Singh TA, Singh T, Pandey LK, Pandey PK, Khare N, Sobin F, Sikarwar R, Gupta MKJournal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics11118-1202021
2639 Deep learning for apple diseases: classification and identificationAsif Iqbal Khan; S.M.K. Quadri; Saba BandayInternational Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies101-122021
2640Soil erosion susceptibility assessment using logistic regression, decision tree and random forest: study on the Mayurakshi river basin of Eastern IndiaAbhishek Ghosh and Ramkrishna MaitiEnvironmental Earth Sciences (80)online firstonline first 2021