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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
2781Isospin asymmetric nuclear matter and properties of axisymmetric neutron starsPartha Roy ChowdhuryProceedings of Science2010
2782Nuclear matter for compact stars and its propertiesSumit K. Garg, T. Shreecharan, P. K. Das, N. G. Deshpande, and G. Rajasekaran
2783TeV Scale Implications of Non Commutative Space time in Laboratory Frame with Polarized BeamsD. Sanyal, Mahuya Chakrabarti, A. ChakrabartiSolid State Communications15022662010
2784Synthesis and positron characterizations of ferromagnetic Zn0.98Mn0.02O and paramagnetic Zn0.98Mn0.02O samplesA Sarkar, Mahuya Chakrabarti, S K Ray, D Bhowmick and D SanyalJOURNAL OF PHYSICS231558012011
2785Positron annihilation lifetime and photoluminescence studies on single crystalline ZnOMukul Pastor, Koushik BiswasMaterials Chemistry and Physics1396342013
2786Synthesis and electrical characterization of Ba(Cd1/3Nb2/3)O3 ferroelectric compoundM. Pastor A. Prasad K. Biswas A. C. Pandey I. MannaJ Nanopart Res1410312012
2787Microstructural and impedance study of nanocrystalline lanthana-doped scandia-stabilized zirconiaDeepika Chaturvedi , Vineet Gupta , Poonam Tandon , Anamika Sharma , C. Baraldi , M.C. GamberiniSpectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy991502012
2788Intermolecular charge transfer and vibrational analysis of hydrogen bonding in acetazolamideSachin D. Kshirsagar Ummar Pasha Shaik M. Ghanashyam Krishna Surya P. TewariAppl Phys A1118612013
2789Photoinduced darkening, crystallization and reversible emission in ZnTe thin filmsS. N. Kane, M. Satalkar, A. Ghosh, D. M. Phase, R. J. Chaudhary, A. Pasko, M. LoBue, and F. MazaleyratJournal of Physics3650120232012
2790Growth and characterization of ferrite film prepared by pulsed laser depositionN. Koteeswara Reddy, M. Devika, M. Prashantha, K. Ramesh, and K.R. GunasekharTHE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL APPLIED PHYSICS60101022012
2791In situ structural studies on orthorhombic SnS micro-crystalsQ J Ren, S Filippov, S L Chen, M Devika, N Koteeswara Reddy, C W Tu, W M Chen and I A BuyanovaNANOTECHNOLOGY234252012012
2792Evidence for coupling between exciton emissions and surface plasmon in Ni-coated ZnO nanowiresJ E Stehr, S L Chen, S Filippov, M Devika, N Koteeswara Reddy, C W Tu, W M Chen and I A BuyanovaNANOTECHNOLOGY24157012013
2793Defect properties of ZnO nanowires revealed from an optically detected magnetic resonance studyAshi Ikram, Sonal Sahai, Snigdha Rai, Sahab Dass, Rohit Shrivastav, Vibha R. SatsangiJournal of Power Sources2676642014
2794Synergistic effect of CdSe quantum dots on photoelectrochemical response of electrodeposited a-Fe2O3 filmsHimanshu Raghubanshi and O. N. SrivastavaJournal of Nanoengineering and Nanomanufacturing412014
2795Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructures Using Hydrogen Storage Alloys as CatalystsM. Sterlin Leo Hudson, Himanshu Raghubanshi, Seema Awasthi, T. Sadhasivam, Ashish Bhatnager, Satoru Simizu, S.G. Sankar, O.N. Srivastava einternational journal of hydrogen energy3983112014