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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
1561Cubic Mo6S8-Efficient Electrocatalyst Towards Hydrogen Evolution Over Wide pH RangeKeerti M. Naik, S. SampathElectrochimica ActaIn PressIn Press2017
1562On a Perfect Fluid Kӓhler SpacetimeVibha Srivastava and P. N. PandeyJournal of Advances in Physics124350-43552016
1563Unravelling the presence of multi-class toxins from Trichodesmium bloom in the Gulf of Mannar region of the Bay of BengalSumathy Shunmugam, Manickam Gayathri, Nainangu Prasannabalaji, Nooruddin Thajuddin, Gangatharan MuralitharanToxicon13543-502017
1564Phytohormones and free volatile fatty acids from cyanobacterial biomass wet extract (BWE) elicit plant growth promotionManickam Gayathri, Sumathy Shunmugam, Nooruddin Thajuddin, Gangatharan MuralitharanAlgal Research2656-642017
1565Metal-free decarboxylative acylation of isoquinolines using alpha-keto acids in waterNarendra R. Chaubey, Krishna Nand Singh Tetrahedron Letter5823472017
1566Shape and Size-dependent magnetic properties of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized Using PiperidineAshwani Kumar Singh, O. N. Srivastava and Kedar SinghNanoscale research letters122982017
1567Facile and single step synthesis of three dimensional reduced graphene oxide-NiCoO2 composite using microwave for enhanced electron field emission propertiesRajesh Kumar, Rajesh K. Singh, Ashwani K. Singh, Alfredo R. Vaz, Chandra S. Routd, Stanislav A. MoshkalevaApplied Surface Science416259–265 2017
1568Plasmonic behavior of ionic liquid stabilized gold nanoparticles in molecular solventsSachin Thawarkar Balu Thombare and Nageshwar D. KhupseNew Journal of Chemistry--2017
1569Silver Nanoparticles/Gelatin Composite: A New Class of Antibacterial MaterialAshwani Kumar Singh, Manish Tripathi, Onkar Nath Srivastava, and Rajiv Kumar VermaChemistrySelect27233 – 72382017
1570Antibacterial Fe3O4 nanoparticles: synthesis and characterizationAshwani Kumar Singh, Pallavi singh, Amit SrivastavaIJERA732-362017
1571Structural and Functional Study of Hypochlorous Acid Modified Human Antithrombin: Possible Role in CancerParvez Ahmad, Mohamad Aman JairajpuriResearch and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis11414-14152017
1572Water-Soluble Pd8L4 Self-assembled Molecular Barrel as an Aqueous Carrier for Hydrophobic Curcuminmtiyaz Ahmad Bhat, Ruchi Jain, Mujahuddin M. Siddiqui, Deepak K. Saini, and Partha Sarathi MukherjeeInorganic Chemistry565352–53602017
1573A promising strategy for improved solubilization of ionic drugs simply by electrostatic pushingMohd Afzal, Pronab Kundu, Sinjan Das, Saptarshi Ghosh and Nitin ChattopadhyayRSC Advances743551–435592017
1574Harvesting Clean Energy Through H2 Production Using Cobalt-Boride-Based NanocatalystR. Fernandes, N. Patel, D.C. Kothari, and A. MiotelloAdvanced Nanomaterials in Biomedical, Sensor and Energy Applications135-562017
1575Tungsten-doped TiO2/reduced Graphene Oxide nano-composite photocatalyst for degradation of phenol: A system to reduce surface and bulk electron-hole recombinationManisha Yadav, Asha Yadav, Rohan Fernandes, Yaksh Popat, Michele Orlandi, Alpa Dashora, D.C. Kothari, Antonio Miotello, B.L. Ahuja, Nainesh PatelJournal of Environmental Management203364-3742017
1576Ambient-Stable Bis-Azoaromatic-Centered Diradical [(L•)M(L•)] Complexes of Rh(III): Synthesis, Structure, Redox, and Spin−Spin InteractionSima Roy, Shuvam Pramanik, Sarat Chandra Patra, Basab Adhikari, Abhishake Mondal,Sanjib Ganguly, and Kausikisankar PramanikInorganic Chemistry56XXXX2017
1577Smart in-plane switching of nanowires embedded liquid crystal matrix Pal, K. , Maria, H.J. ,Thomas, S., Mohan, M.L.N.M. ,Organic Electronics 42 256-269 2017
1578Contact Angle Studies in XLPE Hybrid Nanocomposites with Inorganic Nanofillers Jose, J.P. Thomas, S.Abraham, J. Maria, H.J. Varughese, K.T.Macromolecular Symposia. 36666-782016
1579 Nanocelluloses from jute fibers and their nanocomposites with natural rubber: Preparation and characterization Thomas, M.G., Jyotishkumar, P. Abraham, E.Pothen, L.A. Maria, H.J.Thomas, S.International Journal of Biological Macromolecules81768-7682015
1580Entomofauna of Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern IndiaO. Tarunkumar Singh, J. Chakravorty & R. VaratharajanJournal of Threatened Taxa213922010