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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
1661Shape and Size-dependent magnetic properties of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized Using PiperidineAshwani Kumar Singh, O. N. Srivastava and Kedar SinghNanoscale research letters122982017
1662Facile and single step synthesis of three dimensional reduced graphene oxide-NiCoO2 composite using microwave for enhanced electron field emission propertiesRajesh Kumar, Rajesh K. Singh, Ashwani K. Singh, Alfredo R. Vaz, Chandra S. Routd, Stanislav A. MoshkalevaApplied Surface Science416259–265 2017
1663Plasmonic behavior of ionic liquid stabilized gold nanoparticles in molecular solventsSachin Thawarkar Balu Thombare and Nageshwar D. KhupseNew Journal of Chemistry--2017
1664Silver Nanoparticles/Gelatin Composite: A New Class of Antibacterial MaterialAshwani Kumar Singh, Manish Tripathi, Onkar Nath Srivastava, and Rajiv Kumar VermaChemistrySelect27233 – 72382017
1665Antibacterial Fe3O4 nanoparticles: synthesis and characterizationAshwani Kumar Singh, Pallavi singh, Amit SrivastavaIJERA732-362017
1666Structural and Functional Study of Hypochlorous Acid Modified Human Antithrombin: Possible Role in CancerParvez Ahmad, Mohamad Aman JairajpuriResearch and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis11414-14152017
1667Water-Soluble Pd8L4 Self-assembled Molecular Barrel as an Aqueous Carrier for Hydrophobic Curcuminmtiyaz Ahmad Bhat, Ruchi Jain, Mujahuddin M. Siddiqui, Deepak K. Saini, and Partha Sarathi MukherjeeInorganic Chemistry565352–53602017
1668On the norm attainment set of a bounded linear operatorDebmalya SainJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications45767-762018
1669Physiological characterization of gamma-ray induced mutant population of rice to facilitate biomass and yield improvement under salinity stressRohit Joshi, Rama Prashat, Prabodh C. Sharma, Sneh L. Singla-Pareek, Ashwani PareekIndian Journal of Plant Physiology21545-5552016
1670Overview of Methods for Assessing Salinity and Drought Tolerance of Transgenic Wheat LinesRohit Joshi, Khalid Anwar, Priyanka Das, Sneh L. Singla-Pareek, Ashwani PareekWheat Biotechnology: Methods and Protocols167985-942017
1671Embling Production in Althaea officinalis L., Through Somatic Embryogenesis and Their Appraisal via Histological and Scanning Electron Microscopical StudiesRuphi Naz1 & Mohammad Anis1 & Abdulrahman A. Alatar2Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology1821182-11972017
1672Newly identified motifs in Candida albicansCdr1 protein nucleotide binding domains are pleiotropic drug resistance subfamily-specific and functionally asymmetricManpreet Kaur Rawal 1 , Atanu Banerjee 1 , Abdul Haseeb Shah 1,† , Mohammad Firoz Khan 2 , Sobhan Sen 2 , Ajay Kumar Saxena 1 , Brian C. Monk3 , Richard D. Cannon 3 , Rakesh Bhatnagar 4 , Alok Kumar Mondal 1 & Rajendra PrasadScientific Reports66271322016
1673Jatrophanes from Euphorbia squamosa as Potent Inhibitors of Candida albicans Multidrug TransportersRawal MK, Shokoohinia Y, Chianese G, Zolfaghari B, Appendino G, Taglialatela-Scafati O, Prasad R, Di Pietro AJ Nat Prod77(12)27002014
1674Efflux pump proteins in antifungal resistancePrasad R, Rawal MKFront Pharmacol52022014
1675Candida Efflux ATPases and Antiporters in Clinical Drug ResistancePrasad R, Rawal MK, Shah AHAdv Exp Med Biol8923512016
1676A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Correlate the Structure and Properties of N-methylpyrrolidone-based Protic Ionic LiquidsSomenath Panda, Kaushik Kundu, Siva Umapathy, Ramesh GardasCHEMPHYSCHEM10.1002/cphc.20170088610.1002/cphc.202017
1677A Bis(Boronic Ester)-Based Fluorogenic and Chromogenic Sensor for F– and Cu2+Dinesh Maity,* Nairita Hari, and Sasankasekhar Mohanta*ChemistrySelect29037 – 90452017
1678Book ChapterAntiaging neurosteroid dehydroepiandrosterone counters epileptiform activity in iron-induced experimental epilepsy.Monika Mishra, Rameshwar Singh, Deepak Sharma.Topics in Biomedical Gerontology303-3102016
1679Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles encapsulating horseradish peroxidase (HRP): Synthesis, characterization and carrier for the generation of free radicals for potential applications in cancer therapyNikesh Gupta, Chetna Gupta, Sandeep Sharma, Brijesh Rathi, Rakesh Kumar Sharma, H.B. BohidarRSC Advances61110992016
1680Calcium Dependent Protein Kinases (CDPKs): Key to Malaria EradicationKavita Kadian, Yash Gupta, Prakasha Kempaiah, Nikesh Gupta, Arun Sharma, Manmeet RawatCurrent Topics in Medicinal Chemistry171-62017