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Sr. NoPaper Title Authors Journal Volume No Page No Year
1721Effect of Defects on Quantum Yield in Blue emitting Photoluminescent Nitrogen doped Graphene Quantum DotsPoonam R. Kharangarh, Siva Umapathy and Gurmeet SinghJournal of Applied Physics1221451072017
1722Lead sulphide sensitized ZrO2 photoanode for solar cell application with MoO3 as a counter electrodeVikram P. Bhalekar, Prashant K. Baviskar, Bikram Prasad, Niyamat I. Beedri, Vishal S. Kadam, Habib M. PathanChemical Physics Letters68915–182017
1723First report of the moss Zygodon brevisetus Wilson ex Mitt. from West Himalayan region of India. Bansal, P., V. Nath and A. Srivastava Phytotaxonomy1528-322015
1724Sporophyte characterization and sporogenesis in Physcomitrium eurystomum Sendtn. (Bryophyta: Funariaceae). Bansal, P. and A. Srivastava Caryologia70120-1272017
1725Self-Assembly of Fluorinated Sugar Amino Acid Derived α,γ-Cyclic Peptides into Transmembrane Anion TransportSachin S. Burade, Tanmoy Saha, Naresh Bhuma, Navanath Kumbhar, Amol Kotmale, Pattuparambil R. Rajamohanan, Rajesh G. Gonnade, Pinaki Talukdar, and Dilip D. DhavaleOrganic Letters19(21)5948–59512017
1726Iminosugars Spiro-Linked with Morpholine-Fused 1,2,3-Triazole: Synthesis, Conformational Analysis, Glycosidase Inhibitory Activity, Antifungal Assay, and Docking StudiesShrawan R. Chavan, Kishor S. Gavale, Ayesha Khan, Rakesh Joshi, Navanath Kumbhar, Debamitra Chakravarty, and Dilip D. DhavaleACS Omega2 (10)7203–72182017
1727Molecular Insight for the HFO-1345fz +X (X=Cl, O3, NO3) reaction and fate of Alkoxy Radical Initiated by Cl: DFT InvestigationsPradeep Kumar Rao, Shridhar P GejjiJournal of Fluorine Chemistry204--2017
1728Pyrrole-based tetra-amide for hydrogen pyrophosphate (HP2O73−) and F− ions in sol-gel mediumSumit Ghosh, Koushik Goswami & Kumaresh Ghosh*Supramolecular Chemistry29946-9522017
1729Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of (1-x)PMN- (x)PT synthesized by co-precipitation methodA. N. Tarale, S. Premkumar, V. R. Reddy, D. J. Salunkhe & V. L. MatheFerroelectrics5168-172017
1730An acetatopalladium(II) complex with 1benzylN(3,5ditert butylsalicylidene)piperidin4amine: Synthesis, structure and catalytic applications in Suzuki�Miyaura coupling of arylboronic acids with hydroxyaryl halidesSrinivas Keesara, G. Narendra Babu, Samudranil PalAppl Organometal Chem.3137782017
1731A promising strategy for improved solubilization of ionic drugs simply by electrostatic pushingMohd Afzal, Pronab Kundu, Sinjan Das, Saptarshi Ghosh and Nitin ChattopadhyayRSC Advances743551–435592017
1732Characterization of the sub-keV Germanium detectorM. K. Singh et al.,Indian J. Phys.******
1733Research ArticleRisk of Transmission of Antimicrobial Resistant Escherichia coli from Commercial Broiler and Free-Range Retail Chicken in IndiaArif Hussain, Sabiha Shaik, Amit Ranjan, Nishant Nandanwar, Sumeet K. Tiwari, Mohammad Majid, Ramani Baddam,, Insaf A. Qureshi, Torsten Semmle, Lothar H. frontiers in Microbiology 821202017
1734Aeromonas hydrophila utilizes TLR4 topology for synchronous activation of MyD88 and TRIF to orchestrate antiinflammatory responses in zebrafishNidhi Srivastava, Asha Shelly, Manmohan Kumar, Archana Pant, Bhabatosh Das, Tanmay Majumdar and Shibnath MazumderCell Death Discovery3, 170671-92017
1735Spatio-temporal variations in total carbon content in contaminated surface waters at East Kolkata Wetland Ecosystem, a Ramsar SiteSudin Pal, Sanjoy Chakraborty, Siddhartha Datta, Subhra Kumar MukhopadhyayEcological Engineering110146-1572018
1736CdS sensitized cadmium doped ZnO solar cell: Fabrication and characterizationsSunita K. Kokate, Chaitali V. Jagtap, Prashant K. Baviskar, Sandesh R. Jadkar, Habib M. Pathan, Kakasaheb C. MohiteOptik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics157628–6342018
1737Phase modulated 2D HSQC-TOCSY for unambiguous assignment of overlapping spin systemsA. Singh, A. Dubey, S. K. Adiga and H. S. Atreya Journal of Magnetic Resonance28610-162018
1738Isolation and Screening of Resveratrol producing Endophytes from Wild Grape Cayratia trifoliaChetana Roat , Meenu SarafInternational Journal of Advances in Agricultureal Science and Technology427-332017
1739Evaluation of currently employed food preservation conditions to tackle biofilm forming food pathogensAnupama Vijayakumari Nadaraja | Ananthanarayan Jayakumaran Nair | Mary Prameela | Neethu Hari | Nidhin BalakrishnanJournal of Food safetye124071-72017
1740Impacts of coal mine water and Damodar River water irrigation on soil and maize (Zea mays L.) in a coalfield area of Damodar Valley, IndiaMukesh Kumar Mahato, Abhay Kumar Singh, Gurdeep Singh and Lalan Prasad MishraArchives of Agriculture and Environmental Science2(4)293-2972017