Application process (How to Apply)


The application process will be open all the year round in ' and when...' mode and not restricted by any specified deadlines. However, further details will be announced on DSKPDF website from time-to-time. Applications should be filled electronically using the forms that are available on the website. It is mandatory that the applicant has received a Ph.D. degree in an appropriate subject (Sciences including Engineering and Medicine). It is also necessary to obtain the concurrence of the mentor (affiliated to institution wherein DSK Fellowship is tenable) to accept the applicant as a postdoctoral fellow. The proposed mentor must have at least three Ph.D. students guided/supervised towards successful completion of the Ph.D. work. The application will be processed further on satisfying these preliminary requirements. However, it is necessary that a signed printout of the application must be received by the National Coordinator of the Scheme, along with the documents supporting candidature, such as degrees of graduation/postgraduation certificates, Ph. D. degree etc. within 10 days from date of online application. In case Ph.D. viva is defended however degree certificate is awaited, duly signed certificate by the guide or the Registrar of University/Institute must be attached. Further, a signed letter (in prescribed format) from the proposed mentor indicating his/her willingness to accept the candidate for postdoctoral work must be attached.


After scrutinizing the documents sent by the applicant, the National Coordinator of the scheme will constitute a standing (core) peer committee of reviewers as per the area of research mentioned by applicant. The committee will access the applications on the web and grade them electronically. On the basis of the grades received (electronically) from the peer committee, the National Coordinator of the scheme will make the final recommendation to UGC. Since this is a promotional scheme to inculcate postdoctoral research culture, emphasis during the review process/selection will be on an appropriate mix of the candidate's accomplishment at the Ph.D. level, the professional standing of mentor and the institution where the postdoctoral research is to be carried out. In general, candidates would be encouraged to move to other institutions and newer areas of research. According to the latest UGC guidelines, the Ph.D. supervisor of a candidate cannot be selected as DSKPDF Mentor by him/her. Working in the same workplace where the candidate did doctoral studies is also not encouraged in general.


The peer group review process is expected to be completed typically within 8-12 weeks of the receipt of individual application. The result of the application will be displayed by UGC on the UGC website followed by DSKPDF website in about 16 weeks from the date of receipt of the hard copy of the application. The whole process would be akin to that employed for manuscript handing and evaluation by leading international journals and will be a paperless exercise. No interim queries will be entertained. These PDFs also have an international flavor and are open to students from other parts of the world, particularly to those from developing and neighboring countries.


Annually, there will be about 300 such awards, as recently decided by the UGC.


Application steps


  • The candidate should apply for Login ID and Password before uploading the actual application. For getting the Login ID, he/she should fill the basic form, wherein he/she has to enter some preliminary information about his/her and doctoral degree. It is necessary that the name given by the candidate should match the one on Master's and Ph.D. degree certificates. After filling the basic form, the candidate will receive a system generated e-mail for the email verification. The candidate may follow the instructions mentioned in that email in order to authenticate the information provided by him/her.
  • After verification of the information at DSKPDF Cell, the candidate will receive a mail containing a Login ID and Password at the E-mail address provided by the candidate within 10 working days of your request
  • The candidate has to fill the application form by using the provided Login ID and Password within 10 days. Login ID and Password will expire after 10 days. Thus candidate should strictly adhere to this deadline. Please fill-in all the columns and attach the summary of your Ph.D. work, a summary of the proposed research work and a Mentor's CV. All uploaded files should be strictly in the specified format (Click here for the formats) limiting to 200 kb size individually. Unformatted document shall be liable to be rejected. Aspirant may choose to attach a PDF or doc file for this purpose.
  • All the valid applications will receive a system-generated acknowledgment from Dr. D. S. Kothari Fellowship Cell. This will be accompanied by a file containing your complete application. A unique Application No. (ID) will be assigned to each application. Please note this number for further reference.
  • The candidates are requested to take a printout of the Application file provided at the end of Application Filling procedure. He/she has to affix his/her recent photograph and sign on the application at indicated places. Attach duly attested copy of following documents

    1. Summary of Ph.D. Work, in prescribed format. Same as uploaded online
    2. Concept proposal of the postdoctoral research, in prescribed format. Same as uploaded online
    3. A brief Mentor CV, in prescribed format. Same as uploaded online
    4. Copy of your Graduation and Post graduation certificate
    5. Copy of your S.S.C.(10th Class Certificate)/Age Proof Certificate
    6. Ph.D. Degree Certificate Or Certificate by the Ph.D. guide/Registrar of University/Institute
    7. Original Certificate of Mentor on proper letterhead specifying that he/she is willing to guide you for your Postdoc Research work, in prescribed format
    8. NET/SET Certificate if applicable
    9. Reserved Category/Physically Handicapped Certificate if applicable

    If employed as a teacher (on a confirmed position), please submit a certificate from your Head of the Institution (Registrar of University / Principal of a college) that you will be given three years of sabbatical/special leave for carrying out postdoctoral work. The candidate has to arrange to send the signed hard copy with the application form along with aforementioned documents to the following address

    The National Coordinator,
    Dr. D.S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship Cell
    C/o Department of Scientific Computing, Modeling and Simulation
    Savitribai Phule Pune University
    Ganeshkhind Post Office, Pune 411 007.

    Please mention the application ID on the envelope. The result about the award of Dr. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship will be displayed by UGC on the UGC website followed by DSKPDF website typically within 16 weeks from the date of receipt of the hard copy of your application. No interim correspondence will be entertained within this period.
  • If the candidate has already applied for Dr. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship and has been declared as unsuccessful, he/she is permitted to apply again with new research proposal only after one year from date of declaration of result
  • Incomplete applications such as un-formatted documents, false/misleading information etc. shall to be rejected.

Easy Steps for Applying DSKPDF

Fill basic information and request for login ID and password

Email verification

Get login ID and password provided by DSKPDF cell after scrutiny of your basic information ( typically within 7 wokring days )

Proceed with filling online application by provided login ID and password

Take printout of your application

Submit application to DSKPDF cell along with documents supporintg your candidature